Can't have the Outlaw without the Shine

In May of 2016, Outlaw Shine came to the stage with an energy that could not be denied. Country music isn't a fad, it isn't something we listen to on the weekends. Country music is what we were raised on and it tells a story about our life. We love our families, our country and our freedom. Our ability to entertain is a gift and we give back to our community as often as possible. We play a variety of music, and several originals that tell our stories. We have been honored to open for Whitey Morgan, Ryan Chrys & the Roughcuts, Jessie Leigh, and many more National acts this coming 2024 summer such as LoCash, Jaquie Roar and Wynonna plus being blessed to be on the Oregon Jamboree Main Stage. In 2022, we welcomed our friend Luke Cole to join us. Luke Cole writes most of his songs and we have loved having him and support his future endeavors. Outlaw Shine & Luke Cole are so thankful for all of our supporters. 

Our band is recognized as a dance band, Shine teaches country dance before and during and keeps people dancing throughout the night. Outlaw Shine is a party, its a lot of shine mixed with some raw guitar licks, dirty drum beats and soulful vocals.

Matthew Marshall - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Sound Engineer -  "The Outlaw"

Debra Rachelle - Lead Vocals, Lighting Expert, Professional Dancer & Instructor, Marketing & Advertising Expert   "The Shine"

Melody Joy Jackson - Percussionist / Drummer Extraordinaire , heavenly harmonies, Super talented Audio Engineer and Producer

Mike the Spike - Bass & musical composer, storyteller and calm before the storm

Matt Williams - Lead Guitar, his licks make people stop in their tracks  - amazingly talented player and guitar instructor

Damon Lee - Steel Guitar, songwriter, touring artist with a kick ass vibe

Special Guest with Outlaws - Luke Cole -  Vocals, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar - Song Writer - crazy talented with a heart of Gold.


And then they danced:

Debra has been dancing since she was around 3. Her ability to feel the music and get others excited about dance is undeniable. She teaches with patience and encouragement. As a professional dancer she has taught hundreds of people to love dance like she does. She teaches linedance, country dance, hip hop, fitness dance, bellydance and if asked can  teach whatever people want to learn.  She teaches linedance at parties, weddings, school events and fundraisers.

Matthew started learning how to swing dance when he was 11, he let his elders share their wisdom with him and since then has shared his skills with hundreds of people. He teaches swing and two step with his beautiful wife, Debra.

Debra & Matthew have won swing dance competitions, they do private lessons upon request and love to share their love for dance.