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It's a rough time for all of us. We hope you are all healthy and able to find your music wherever you are. We are all in this together and remember even when the music is turned off in public its still in our hearts, in our souls. We breathe the beat, we dream the words and even when we are apart we speak our country truth. Be kind through this and know that we will all come back together soon. We pray for all of you to have good health and find peace wherever you may lay your head while we get through this.

Starting 2020  

Its 2020, and Outlaw Shine is hitting the stages ... we are excited to have just recorded in the studio. We are working on some originals, a music video and numerous projects with our community partners. We are preparing to do some more fundraisers this summer, and some exciting projects with some other local artists. We are still teaching private swing lessons every month, as well as teaching three nights a week in local bars. Bringing line dance and country partner dance back to our community was our dream three years ago and it has really taken off. We are so thankful to our dance community for embracing the movement and supporting what was just a few of us to now what is in the hundreds growing stronger and stronger. Outlaw Shine is constantly growing and adding new music, new dances and new community partners. Our goal has always been to be thankful for our gifts, give back to our community and continue to challenge ourselves and grow as an Outlaw Country Band. 

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